SoundAffects is a small charity with a big idea - to give children and young people a voice. SoundAffects primarily uses audio recordings, alongside photography and digital media, to allow young people to access and be touched by each other’s life stories. SoundAffects encourages young people around the world to share all sorts of stories in a variety of ways: to talk about the detail of their own lives, discuss what is important to them, engage with each other and express their creativity through poems, stories and radio drama. SoundAffects transforms the world of learning and international understanding as young people educate each other and explore their hopes, dreams, ambitions and creativity.


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John Humphrys

"You cannot communicate with children as well as they can communicate with each other…SoundAffects is a brilliant way of communicating. I urge everyone to support it." - John Humphrys, BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme.

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Aye Mon

"We may be thousands of miles apart from other children, but when we communicate through SoundAffects we feel very close."
Aye Mon, Burma.

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